Body Cleanse - absolutely blown away with the results

Body Cleanse - absolutely blown away with the results


I am a Pharmacy Technician at Shelley Street Pharmacy in Christchurch. I had routine blood tests recently which showed that I had cholesterol of 6.1 (it has been this high for three years) and abnormal Liver Function Test (six times the normal level of GGT and double ALT). I was feeling well, but was planning to take oral antifungals for a toenail infection, which I have not done because of the Liver Function Tests.

I was advised by my GP to stop taking any medication or vitamins and stop alcohol and re-do blood tests in four weeks time. I decided to take this a bit further and purchased two Good Health Body Cleanse (Total Body Detox) kits and took the first kit over the 7 days and then the second kit over a month. With this I also did the Liver Cleansing Diet, which is very similar to the food and lifestyle recommendations and the meal suggestions that are listed on your Body Cleanse information brochure.

I then had my blood tests re-done and my cholesterol is now 3.8 (from 6.1) and my Liver Function Tests are all normal now! I am absolutely blown away with the results, as is my GP. The surgery asked me to phone them with the name of the Detox kit so they could recommend it to other patients who have the same elevated blood test results.

I hope others have the same results!

Many thanks
Jo W


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